Zotero is an open source reference and citation management tool that probably everyone knows and loves. Zotero stores the PDFs of publicaitons and books and when you want to keep your library synchronized you need some central storage.

Now it’s important to stress that it’s a very bad idea to put the Zotero working directory directly into a synchronization directory of for example Dropbox, GoogleDrive, OwnCloud or NextCloud because the syncing will break the database sooner or later!

The best option is to use the Zotero built-in synchronization, but this requires either a paid storage account or WebDAV storage.

We are very lucky in Australia to have CloudStor, which is Aarnets hosted OwnCloud version with 1TB of storage available for every researcher and it supports WebDAV! So we can use it as an attachement storage for Zotero. Note, that this webdav storage option only works for elements in “My Library” and NOT for elements in shared “Group libraries” – group library elements have to be stored on Zotero’s own storage.

This is how to set it up:

Go to the CloudStor Security section and generate an App password for zotero:

Then open the Sync settings in Zotero (Edit -> Preferences -> Sync):

and set the URL (cloudstor.aarnet.edu.au/plus/remote.php/webdav), cloustor-username and cloustor-password/token:

also make sure that your normal zotero account is setup and configured:

That’s it 🙂 Now you got Zotero synced across multiple devices using CloudStor:


Shakes · October 2, 2021 at 2:30 am

Works like a charm, thanks!

    Steffen · October 4, 2021 at 10:42 am

    That’s great to hear 🙂

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