Our www.neurodesk.org paper was published in Nature Methods today: https://rdcu.be/dvqwU

And we published a blog post describing why and how we developed this platform: https://communities.springernature.com/posts/reproducible-neuroimaging-for-everyone-behind-the-scenes-of-neurodesk

🧠 As researchers in neuroimaging, we often face hurdles with software installation and inconsistent results across different computing environments. But Neurodesk helps with that!

✨ Neurodesk is a community-oriented, open-source platform designed specifically for neuroimaging analysis:
1. Comprehensive Suite of Neuroimaging Software Containers: Housing a growing collection of analysis tools, Neurodesk ensures you have what you need for your research.
2. Browser-Accessible Virtual Desktop: Access your work and tools from anywhere, right in your browser.
3. Command-Line Interface & Computational Notebook Compatibility: Whether you’re a fan of GUIs or prefer the control of a command line, Neurodesk has you covered. Plus, it’s compatible with computational notebooks for an integrated experience.
4. Accessible and Flexible: Designed for users of all levels, from beginners to advanced researchers.
5. Portable and Fully Reproducible: Carry your work from personal workstations to high-performance computers and even the cloud, without losing consistency in your results.

🌐 This platform is a game-changer for neuroimaging research, enabling accessible, flexible, and reproducible analysis like never before.


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