Here is a little tutorial on running our NeuroDesk project in the free tier of Oracle cloud 🙂

Sign up for a free account here: Try Free Tier (

go to Compute -> Instances and select a Compartment to start the Instance in:
change the shape to “Speciality and Legacy” -> VM.Standard.E2.1.Micro, create a new virtual cloud network with a public IP and set up your SSH keys

The below steps are for an older version of the neurodesk project – I recommend to follow the updated instructions here:

now connect to your newly created instance (the public IP is displayed when the instance is running) including some port forwardings:

ssh -L 5900: -L 6080: opc@yourPublicIP

install a few packages including docker:

sudo yum install screen docker-engine docker-cli

start docker and check if it’s running:

sudo systemctl enable --now docker

sudo systemctl status docker

start or reconnect to a screen session:

screen -R

create a directory for the persistent data:

mkdir ~/vnm

start the neurodesk container:

sudo docker run --privileged --name vnm -v ~/vnm:/vnm -v /dev/shm:/dev/shm -e USER=neuro -p 6080:80 -p 5900:5900 vnmd/neurodesk:20201127

When the download of the container is done and everything is started up (you should see “novnc entered RUNNING state”) open a browser on your machine and navigate to:


or open a VNC client and connect to:


you can stop and delete the container using these commands:

sudo docker stop vnm && sudo docker rm vnm


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